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Event Health Policy

Surgical Mask
Surgical Mask


Masking will be optional for this event. We will, however, happily provide masks for those attendees that choose to wear them. 

Swab Testing


Hand sanitation will be facilitated via high availability of sanitizer throughout the event.

Sanitation Station
A Supportive Hug

Best Personal Practices

You are the greatest factor in the equation of keeping events safe. 


You  can do so by:

  • Carefully choosing with whom you share lodging.

  • Honestly assessing & take responsibility of your individual health status.

  • Testing before & after attending events/gatherings.

Swab Testing

Risk Assesment

Before partner dancing, it is important that you assess your risk to yourself and others. As suggested by professionals and the CDC, if you are immunocompromised or living/interacting with unvaccinated individuals as well as those who are elderly and immunocompromised despite vaccination status it is best to limit interactions OR quarantine before seeing them. This reminder and check-in is helpful to ensure you and your family and friends are safe and well. Organizers can not guarantee that you will not get infected, so assessing your risk is one way to ensure your wellness.

Temperature Check
Swab Testing
Swab Testing


As we have have now been co-existing with Covid for over 2 years, testing is highly encouraged before & after attending events of any size, but, will not be required for this event. 



Vaccines will not be required for this event. 

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