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An annual fundraiser festival to support DJ Selo's recovery

Viva La Bachata & Zouk Heat Present:

DC ZOUK & BACHATA FESTIVAL 2022: Sami's Recovery Fundraiser

As many of you know, Sami suffered a terrible car accident in February of 2021.
This left him in a condition that will take many years to recover.  

Zouk Heat & Viva La Bachata have come together to keep Sami's dream alive.

Together, we will be organizing DC Zouk & Bachata Festival 2022.
100% of profits will go to Sami's recovery.

Sami's Story

Thursday - February 19, 2021 was the night that changed everything:

Sami Selo Ahmed (AKA DJ Selo) was driving from Maryland to Virginia on highway 495. Unfortunately his car hit a patch of black ice and he crashed into the cement divider between the highway and the exit. Despite his windshield cracking and both airbags going off, Sami wasn’t hurt. 


He called 911 and he was told they were gonna be on their way to help him. He called his good friend Vladi right after and sent Vladi his location so he could go pick him up. As they were on the phone Sami told Vladi that he was witnessing a 3 car accident happening exactly where he had his. A few seconds later the phone call went silent. Vladi stayed on the line for what felt like an eternity.


Vladi heard cries, sirens and a police officer say that it appeared that Sami had been hit by one of the cars in that accident. Vladi also heard the sound of an ambulance and heard he was being transported to a nearby hospital.


Once Vladi found out where Sami was taken, Vladi picked up Sami’s mother to take her there. Upon arrival they found out that Sami was undergoing emergency brain surgery because he had cracks in his skull and there was internal bleeding. Doctors had to open Sami's head to release blood. He also had very low blood pressure and almost no pulse. Vladi & Sami's mother were told to prepare themselves for the worst outcome as Sami's chances of surviving the surgery were slim to none. 


Being the fighter he is, Sami survived surgery and he was somewhat stabilized. But now the fight to stay stable began. Doctors told them that it had been a miracle to survive the surgery and Sami's chances were very low to make it to the next day. He was then transferred to the ICU.


When he heard his mother’s voice, Sami’s eyes started to tear up. 


Sami survived the accident, the surgeries & he's now on the long road to recovery, but, it won't be one that he'll have to travel alone.  He has many supporters & lots of love to make the journey easier.  


“It doesn’t matter where you are going nor how far you have to go.  It’s who you have beside you.”   ........So let's get going!  We love you. 




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